Moana 2D Review NO SPOILERS (2016)

Expected big and I got big. No sexual references there ye pansy 😉 This was an exceptional production from Walt Disney Studios. A movie for the whole family and a great laugh for the most part.

It started out well; the director painted a very good picture of Moana’s upbringing. The premise of the movie reeled me in, transporting me to a small island village called Motunui where the people lived simply within the confines of their nation and traditions.

The opening number further illustrated the values of the people, and it showed Moana’s backbone and her eagerness to explore. Auli’i Carvalho, the stunning voice of Moana portrayed this desire so perfectly I could feel it myself.

Yet, what impressed me the most was the strong bond Moana had with Maui. By no surprise, Maui was my favorite character in this movie since he was voiced by the great Dwayne Johnson. His dancing tattoos gave me quite a chuckle. Ironically, the funniest character didn’t verbally communicate with the audience. Moana’s pet chicken, Heihei kept the audience keen for the whole shebang.

The movie soundtrack was spectacular to say the least. Mostly catchy and I admit, I played it right before I slept that evening. The animation was excellent and breathtaking, like the ocean.

My only dissatisfaction was that I was left with a lot of questions about the origin of the Goddess Tafiti and how Maui found it so easy to steal her heart in the first place.

Movie Rating: 8/10


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