Ophthalmology Series: Case 1

A 60-year old has just had a cataract operation.3 days later she presents to her GP with a painful red eye. Vision which was initially much improved, has become blurred and she is seeing a lot of floaters.


A. What is the described complication the patient is having ?

B. State whether true or false.
1. GP should reassure her that the eye is settling done.
2. Patient should be referred to an eye-unit immediately.
3. Treatment requires steroid drops only.
4. Treatment requires intravitreal antibiotics.
5. This is a rare complication of cataract surgery.

C. How would you manage this patient ?

D. Which other feature not mentioned above is also associated with this complication ?

E. Name other complications of cataract surgery.

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Source: http://www.webmd.com/eye-health/cataracts/extracapsular-surgery-for-cataracts


3 thoughts on “Ophthalmology Series: Case 1

  1. A. Endophthalmitis
    B1 F
    B2 T
    B3 F
    B4 T
    B5 T (0.3%)
    C. This is an extreme ophthalmic emergency. Samples from aqueous and vitreous are taken for microbiological analysis. An IV broad spectrum antibiotic injection is given at the time of sampling e.g. vancomycin, Clindamycin to provide immediate cover. The patient is then given IV antibiotic according to sample results. On occasions, topical and systemic steroids are added.
    D. Hypopyon- an accumulation of white cells in the anterior chamber.
    E. Vitreous detachment, Iris Prolapse, Cystoid Macular oedema, Retinal detachment, Posterior capsule opacification and infection.


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