Diamond Dust

Shout out to Anna Little – Creator of amazing short stories you should definitely check out ! Good night folks !

The World of Anna Little

“It rains diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter,” my teacher had said once, a long time ago.

Once, I had felt it pouring down on me here on Earth, as Phil Spencer dumped the contents of his pencil sharpener over my head. As the wooden shrapnel settled, a hazy puff of black powder floated around me softly.  The smoky graphite was just diamond dust lacking a bit of carbon, I reminded myself, as I struggled for dignity among the laughter of my classmates. Just one more covalent bond, just a bit more pressure, and he would have been showering me with diamonds.

I knew I was short, I knew I was a chubby kid.  I knew I was nerdy. I knew my thick-rimmed glasses made my eyes look huge – and not in a good way. It’s tiring to persevere when you don’t fit the mold. It’s hard to believe you…

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