Not a Goodbye but a See you soon.

I am writing this as my last post before I leave.
Unfortunately, I am going to be unavailableย tillย the 31st of January. The reason being that I have an exam period coming up, and I wouldn’t be able to post due to the busy schedule.
All in all, starting wordpress has been a revelation for me. I have found that escape that brings out myย love for medicine and writing creativity. I have already met a lot of talented people who have absolutely impressed me and encouraged me to do more. For that, Iย thank you people.

However, there is only one special person who I have the utmost of gratitude towards. My girlfriend, who encouraged me to go on and pursue this interest of mine. She is and will forever be the foundation and source of my happiness. I would also like to thank my family who have shown a lot of support and have been there through thick and thin.

When I return, I will come back to writing on more topics other than medicine. If anyone has any suggestions please don’t be hesitant to contact me.
Before I leave, I am going to leave the choice of my next Case Series up to you people.
Fill in the poll below and the speciality with the most votes will be done (Poll closes in 1 week)


24 thoughts on “Not a Goodbye but a See you soon.

  1. Good luck on your exams, I am going into my study period too. It’s funny, I am starting this blog to post during it to keep me sane. I will keep up with your blog when you get back!


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