My Medical Exchange in Iceland- Episode 2: Getting a grip !

There I was, on the bus, biting my nails with sheer anxiety about meeting the doctors in my firm. I could hear my own voice fading, feel my arms shaking and my heart racing. I tried to distract myself by playing Pokemon Go but to no avail.

I got off the bus and rushed through the main entrance. Few seconds later, I got lost straight away trying to find the male changing rooms. I sense it was because I was trying to read off hospital signs that were written in Icelandic. I gazed left and right, walked miles of never ending corridors but I seemed to be getting farther away from where I wanted to be. Time was ticking, and I knew that turning up late on your first day was not ideal to make a good first impression. I was fortunate enough to find a gentleman who offered to guide me to the male changing room. I was so relieved to say the least. Wherever you are, God bless your soul dude !

As I got closer, I could see people briskly walking past me wearing different tinges of the rainbow. Scrubs of blue, red, orange, green you name it, and it was so wonderful to see. I stepped inside and was instructed by staff to choose one for myself. I had a suspicion that people chose the color according to their specialty. Having had no idea of what color I was meant to be wearing, I chose the green one, for no reason at all other than it being my favorite color. As I got myself into those scrubs, I noticed that they were a couple of sizes too big. I went to find the janitor but he told me that at the moment those were the smallest he had available. With a breath of despair, I lifted my trousers up and headed straight for the cardiology wards, wherever they might be, with already five minutes past the hour I was meant to be there ! Just lovely !

Image result for green scrubs cartoon         Image result for doctor house scrubs


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