OBS/GYN Case 3

29 year old primagravida is at 41 weeks gestation reports having spontaneous onset of labour with clear amniotic fluid draining.

On examination at 08:00, foetus is in cephalic presentation and is 2/5 palpable. Fetal station is at -2 from the ischial spine.
Cervix is 4cm dilated, 90% effacement, soft cervical consistency and cervix in the anterior position.
CTG is reactive.

4 hours later, cervix is only 5cm dilated, otherwise remains unchanged.
CTG is reassuring. … More OBS/GYN Case 3

OBS/GYN Case 2

A 30 year old Afro-Caribbean lady presents with severe acute abdominal pain. She is at 26 weeks gestation.
On examination, SFH= 31 cm. The uterine fundus is irregular and tender on palpation. The fetus is found to be in breech presentation.
CTG is reactive.
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OBS/GYN Case 1

40 year old IVF-induced primagravida is at 32 weeks gestation. She complained of painless heavy menstrual bleeding that was birght red in colour. 
Ultrasound report shows a twin pregnancy in the transverse position. A fetal heart is audible.
CTG shows a reactive pattern. … More OBS/GYN Case 1